Capital House Music Festival

Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Capital House Music Festival

Festival Frequently Asked Questions

YES! This event is free, however, our permit has an occupancy capacity and we need to track the number of guests. Please register and reserve a ticket online!

The tickets are free on EventBrite. We kindly ask you to click the donate whatever you like” and make a donation at check out to support our mission. We are raising funds for our charity and it is pretty costly to put on an event of this scale. Your donations helps our charity the Sam The Man Burns Legacy Foundation and donate music programs disadvantaged youth and help cover the festival's costs.



The National Sylvan Theater is at Independence Ave SW & 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20024 Take the Metro to Smithsonian Station and walk towards the beat and the Washington Monument!

There are bathrooms behind the stage and next to the Washington Monument additional bathrooms.



Our one-day festival at Sylvan Theater on the National Mall and has all the ambiance you need.

To make sure you have a great time, we recommend bringing: picnic baskets, blankets, lawn chairs, fans, sunglasses, coolers, #CapFest rally towels, your dancing shoes and plenty of friends!

Note, the area is patrolled by the United States Park Police and they may restrict-or up tents and have the right to search bags/backpacks. Alcohol and marijuana are prohibited on federal property.

You ca Uber to the Washington Monument. There is also street parking on Independence Avenue. Metro is the easy way to get there. Take it to Smithsonian Station and walk towards to Washington Monument and the beat!!!



There are over 100 hotels within close proximity to the National Mall. The hotels near Reagan National Airport (DCA) are the most economical. They are five train stops away or a 10 minute drive.

Yes, it is a National Park that is handicap accessible. There are clean bathrooms behind the stage and by the Washington Monument.

Please pick up your trash. The National Park Service requires that all visitors take their trash with them. Bring clear plastic bags for trash. Please clean up your area (mess)! We must leave the park cleaner than when you found it.

You can trust that you will be high on the positive vibes and grooves.

Although Marijuana is legal in D.C., the National Mall is Federal property and part of the National Park Service where it is illegal. Security is contracted and patrolled by the United States Park Police.
Alcohol and open containers of alcoholic beverages are also prohibited on federal property.

The National Park Service prohibits all vending on federal grounds. All other commercial activity will be shut down, and unauthorized vendors/sellers will be removed from festival grounds by the United States Park Police.

Absolutely! We need reliable volunteers; we need medics (nurses) and staff to help set up and manage both of our 2021 festivals. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help, fill out the form on our contact page! (Link to Contact Page). Of course, all volunteers will receive cool swag!

Fill out the form on our contact page with your question. We will answer it and add it to this page to help others who are thinking the same thing.