The Capital House Music Festival - World Music Events officially open and close summer every year. Spotlighting DJ's + Live acts that perform & showcase world dance music. Bi-annual world music festival spotlighting area DJs and Live acts that perform and showcase local and world flavors of dance music.

Our purpose is to provide a family-friendly dance festival for all walks of life and to raise awareness and donations for Inner City Youth Music Programs!

Dozens of people volunteer and it cost over $25,000 to put on each festival. Please consider checking the "Donate what you want?" at checkout to help offset the costs. Plus proceeds of your ticket donation will go to our charity fund. We also need reliable volunteers for the event. Please email

Our Charity is The Sam The Man Burns Legacy Foundation. Help us with donations to establish and develop arts/culture music programs for our DC youth.

The festivals are free and open to all. We cater to the fabric of House music i.e. peace, love, respect, freedom and unity. The House Music community consists of a diverse world mix touching all cultures and ethnic backgrounds coming together to enjoy the gift of dance.