America's House Party in our nation's capital!

#CapHouseFest - The Official Summer Closer!

September 23rd Line Up - More Grooving DJs & Soulful Artists To Be Announced!

11am to Dusk
Septemer 3rd 2022



Our talent on the stage looks like you!

We strive for our line up to reflect our community and the world. Washington is the Capital of the U.S. and arguably the most diverse city in the world. Our Artists/DJs represent all walks of life and have roots in many communities. We create our program with balance of the hottest female and male talent plus we always strongly represent LGBTQ+ community, as well as African-American, Asian, European and LatinX. You will never see an all male line up at #CapHouseFest.



local musical talent washington dc

DJ Tantra


Joie de vivre! A NYC born pioneer artist, DJ, producer and manager, dj tantra aka #YourDJnSavior was a cutting and backspinning as an early teen in the 80's. Tantra was blending lovely acapellas with various world genres of dubs and instrumentals (Queens Style), a decade before the term "mashup" was coined or in vogue. Later in life he would manage artists (Teddy Pendergrass Estate, Jean Carne and Dannis Winston) and serve as an executive producer.

A skilled turntablist, crowds are amazed when they see tantra spin and play using vinyl records! Blending and mixing classics of any genre with yesterday's or today's hits. He spins Bhangra or Country with breakbeats, Reggaeton or Dancehall with dubstep and Rock or Metal with Drum & Bass. However, his spirit lies and is clearly expressed in "Four on the floor." Tantra is a devout House head and Jazz aficionado.

Tantra, the "Underground House Conductor" where deep house is truly his lane. He has a deep interest and penchant for World music. As a human that has travelled to more than 50 countries, tantra is compelled to relate, mix and play for everyone and any genre. Mixes are branches that connect with billions of humans so he prefers to craft them using French, Spanish, Hindu, Swahili, Russian and of course English. Often mixing vocals of languages that he cannot even comprehend, yet he fully understands their spirit, rhythm and keys. Then proceeds to exert and mix, #killingit via smooth tempos and/or infectious beats.

Tantra has been known to be "the DJ's DJ," grateful to add his diverse style to any bill. He remixes tracks on the fly or in the lab. From DC to Dubai, Philly to Paris, Rio to Rome, Tel Aviv to Toronto or LA to NY, he been appearing at the Music Festivals and Conferences for over a decade. A Winter Music Conference veteran, playing Miami's top hotels, clubs, lounges including Opium Garden, The Shore Club, Nikki Beach, Body Slag, 357, Love & Hate and Sobe Live. The ultimate crowd reader, DJ Tantra's smooth mixing style is embraced in any setting around the world.

There is a much larger tantric discipline that deals with allowing all feelings to be met with equal acceptance, and for each person to become deeply sensitive to what they are feeling. Subsequently, they are then able to feel others and their needs this mindfulness is his approach to life, and keenly applicable to how he makes and plays music.

Based in Washington DC, at home in any country, he is available for bookings worldwide. Contact or 202-238-9011.

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local musical talent washington dc

Shonda Tee


While most people may think DJ Shonda Tee is an overnight sensation, she's been honing her craft since the early 90's when she first started spinning as a Hip-Hop/R&B DJin Newark, NJ. Although she loves many genres of music SHONDATEEE fell in love with HOUSE MUSIC early in her career. ShondaTee delivers energetic upbeat mixes that fulfills the house music lovers soul and motivates the crowd to dance with spirited passion. in 2019, DJ ShondaTee demonstrated her ability to ignite the dancers' spirit at the Orange Park House Music Festival, one od New Jersey's longest running House Music Festivals.

She has played some of the most recognizable names in House Music including; Josh Milan, Wayne Williams, and Terry Hunter. While she continues to master her craft DJ ShondaTee heeds to advice of her friends and colleagues to STAY READY because people are watching. She lives through music, it is who she is and it is this passion that will continue to propel her to greater heights.

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Soul Full of House

Chosen The Househead: aka CHOSEN... Dj, promoter, party host, owner and CEO of Househead Thread, co-owner of Milk Chocolate City parties and promotions based in DC. He is music addict, Hip-Hop and house music extraordinaire for over 30 years, dating back to 1984-85. Born and bred in New York, (Buffalo to Bronx, NYC). Started learning the art of scratching and mixing at age 11, Dj'd his first party at 13yrs old., known by the name Dj Cutfast., the scratch DJ who cooked up mix tapes for the neighborhood hustlers to blast in their jeeps (before the term "Mixtape" became a concept in today's rap and RNB)...with Dj Cutfast shouting out their names and neighborhoods throughout the mix. In 1986, around 15 yrs. old, got a call from a cousin who lived in the Detroit/Chicago area asking him was he down with House Music. BOOM... couple weeks later in the wee hours of the morning, kept hearing this crazy sound, different, but catchy as hell....It was HOUSE! Still too young to get in clubs like the Fever, Limelight, Funhouse or Roxy, however when he experienced the atmosphere at a local college party, it was house music all night long to the anthems of: " notice me, work it to the bone, break for love, Fast Eddie's lets go-lets-go", groov'n his A-- off, baby powder on the floor gett'n it in."
CHOSEN: I guess being a house groover / dancer and a dj influences my style of mixing. The music selections are organic, coming from deep inside my soul- being one with the music. I love all types of music, every genre. Good music is good music".
His resume includes curating and hosting parties and events all around the DC. Area with the likes of legendary Dj's and Dj producers like Dj OJI, Sam"The Man" Burns, Andrew Hogans, Mr.V, Ian Friday, Tyrone Francis, Timmy Regisford, Stan Zeff, Mark Francis, Dj Spax Vybz, Trinidadian Deep, Chris Burns, Ruben Toro, Yuko Jukido, "The Wizard" Brian Cox, Dj Quietboy, Dj Househead, Dj A-Plane,K'Ture and the First Responders of House , Teddy Douglas, Tommy Davis, DJ Pope, Anane Vega, Crue Paris, Tariq Brodie, Lick Santiago, and a entire host of guest Dj's that came through the well-received Milk Chocolate City House Music Rooftop Happy Hours at Dunya DC, which he was a co- founder, exposing local talent while creating a sexy but still underground vibe in the Nation's Capital. CHOSEN's most recent endeavors include the co- founder of "The Clubhouse Reunion ", as well as the co- founder of "The Capital House Music Festival."




ESL Resident House DJ

Born in New York, growing up in Paris, Benoit couldn't get away from house if he tried. His first introduction to house was at the age 12, when one of his father's girlfriends gave him a Giant Step Recordings compilation. From that moment on, he was fascinated by the grooves and began his exploration of all things that required a deeper sensibility. Going to clubs in Paris such as the Queen, L'enfer, Les Bains Douche, he understood that house was a very powerful tool. Going to clubs in New York such as Vinyl, Shelter, Sound Factory at an early age, he understood the roots of house and more than anything the uniting power and spiritual experience it can provide. Benoit held a residency at Sundays at ESL for 5 years, highlighted by playing b2b with Sam Burns New Years 2019.